Runway Web3 - Runway LIVE Art

Runway LIVE Art Web3. Welcome to Runway LIVE Art, where historical artifacts come to life. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of art as you explore curated exhibits. Join us in this magical place where art becomes a vibrant expression of creativity and human history.

Tips – How to use Runway Web3

This is a Web3 / Metaverse integration. You don’t need to register an account to explore the Runway Universe. Just choose a random name and an avatar. If you want to have customized avatar options then an account is required. 

Use your mouse to turn around. On mobile devices use dots to walk around or jump. 

Navigation is very simple – on the keyboard use keys: W, A, S, D, Space to jump.

To take the screenshots – use key T. To record videos – use key R.

To have a full experience use mind the music and the sounds.

If for some technical reason the Web3 screen is dead just reload the page.

You can see down the screen CONTROLS. Click ESC to close the screen. Reactions – down the screen allow you to dance, applaud, and show various reactions. You can talk if someone is around – you’ll have to allow the sound. To use chat – you’ll need to register an account.

The software we use permits us to create Metaverse / Web3 magazine, and can offer improved data privacy for readers, as this software does not rely on centralized servers or platforms that can collect and monetize personal information.

The software we use can provide more transparency for you, as it can verify the authenticity, provenance and ownership of digital content.

The advent of a new 3D version of the RUNWAY MAGAZINE has transformed experiences by enabling to interact with others in a realistic virtual environment in real time.