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4 Magic of Crystals or World of Jewelry Web3 by Runway

1 Magic of Crystals or World of Jewelry Web3 by Runway

Magic of Crystals or World of Jewelry Web3

In the world of adornment, where elegance meets history, the allure of jewelry is a testament to the enduring fascination that humanity has held for millennia. From the earliest civilizations to the present day, the enchanting saga of jewelry reflects the eternal desire of humans to embellish themselves with precious stones. This art form, steeped in symbolism and a touch of mysticism, carries a profound significance transcending the boundaries of time.

The roots of jewelry can be traced back to the dawn of civilization, where our ancestors instinctively sought to adorn themselves with the treasures found in the earth. From the humble beginnings of shells, feathers, and animal bones, the journey of jewelry-making has evolved into an intricate craft, embodying human creativity and craftsmanship. The allure of precious stones, born deep within the Earth, with their radiant colors and ethereal brilliance, held a mysterious charm that our ancestors recognized. They believed these gemstones possessed not only intrinsic beauty but also a profound energy.

These gemstones, whether glistening sapphires or fiery rubies, have been revered for their metaphysical properties. From the calming aura of amethyst to the invigorating vibrancy of emerald, ancient civilizations associated these precious stones with the essence of life itself. They believed that by wearing or carrying these gems, they could harness their unique energies to protect, heal, and elevate the human spirit.

3 Magic of Crystals or World of Jewelry Web3 by Runway

8 Magic of Crystals or World of Jewelry Web3 by Runway

What to experience in Paris Spring Summer 2024 Web3

As we chronicled these extraordinary moments in Web3, we couldn’t help but feel that this was a turning point in the fashion industry. Web3 had opened up new possibilities for storytelling, allowing you to experience the drama, the artistry, and the magic of fashion in ways never imagined.

And we would like you to experience this moment when fashion and technology merged. Go inside and experience the inner meaning in Web3, listen to what bags tell you. The world of Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 is waiting for you. Prepare yourself for the SURPRISE….


Tips – How to use Paris Spring Summer 2024 Web3

This is a Web3 / Metaverse integration. You don’t need to register an account to explore the Milan Spring Summer 2024 Web3. Just choose a random name and an avatar.

If you want to have customized avatar options then an account is required. If you prefer to use mobile device that you’ll have to install an application for better performance.

Use your mouse to turn around. On mobile devices use dots to walk around or jump.

Navigation: on the keyboard use keys: W, A, S, D, Space to jump.

To take the screenshots – use key T. To record videos – use key R.

To have a full experience keep your sound on.

If for some technical reason the Web3 screen is dead just reload the page.

You can see down the screen CONTROLS. Reactions – down the screen allow you to dance, applaud, and show various reactions. You can talk if someone is around – you’ll have to allow the microphone. To use chat – you’ll need to register an account.

How to use Runway Metaverse 2

To look around, use the mouse, click and drag the screen in all directions: to see on the right, to see on the left, to see up and to see down. 

How to use Runway Metaverse 3

While exploring you can jump to reach something, or go up and down. Press the spacebar on the keyboard

How to use Runway Metaverse 4

To walk use the keys on the keyboard, or click the mouse where you want to go. The Keys on keyboard: W, S, A, D or Arrows.

How to use Runway Metaverse 5

To see something closer or from far without moving an avatar, use the mouse scroll wheel. To see close or far will be from an avatar “point of view”. 

Just few words about your privacy

The software we use permits us to create Metaverse / Web3 magazine, and can offer improved data privacy for readers, as this software does not rely on centralized servers or platforms that can collect and monetize personal information. No IP or other personal information is collection. No your email address, or name are required to use Runway Web3.

The advent of a new Web3 version of the RUNWAY MAGAZINE has transformed experiences by enabling to interact with others in a realistic virtual environment in real time.



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